Swedish and Manchester United footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic has just unveiled his new sportswear brand, A-Z, a joint venture between Zlatan and Norwegian clothing company; Varner.

The reasoning behind the A-Z name is, “it’s not the gear that makes you great, it’s about the journey from A to Z”. A-Z have also released a short film titled Inner Voice- an insight into the brands ethos; hard work, determination and resilience.

The brand is currently available in 11 countries, with a collection of 75 styles including light-weight nylon jackets, straight-leg sweatpants and leggings, boxers, and t-shirts. Colours are classic and understated; black, navy and white make up the collection, with dashes of gold colouring.

“This brand is for all you fighters. Every single one of you knows that nothing is settled during a game, but rather in the seven million minutes before it even starts. The hours you need to get stronger. Faster. Greater. It’s not about the gear. It’s all about you. And the time it takes to get from A-Z.”
-Zlatan Ibrahimovic

There was a danger of Zlatan lending his name to something and it not turning out to be particularly great- think Cristiano Ronaldo’s various clothing and shoe lines but not this one- it’s good; stylish and seemingly functional, even if they did spell Zlatan’s name wrong on the YouTube video (above). And en-vogue, crossing that sportswear/ everyday casual-wear boundary that is so popular right now.