Jonny Johansson’s ACNE paper, now in its fifth year, has launched their Spring Summer 2012 Edition entitled ‘The Body’. The issue also includes the final printed interview of fashion photographer legend Lillian Bassman before she sadly passed away this year (February 13th 2012), hence adding an element of triste to the editorial.



ACNE PAPER 13 ‘The Body’

Too often we as human beings are being instructed in our differences – of gender, race, sexual orientation, and physical shape – rather than being reminded of the body as a common bond between us. In a time when the cult of physical perfection leads to obsession and neurosis, we find it meaningful to celebrate the body as a humane inspiration, as a host in which the artistic mind mirrors life, death, beauty, and the human condition. Historic, contemporary, timeless – the body has been a prime subject matter in art since the dawn of human kind.


The motives, strategies and approaches undertaken, and the ones we wish to present, are as infinitely varied as the bodies depicted. Whether the purpose has been aesthetic, psychological, or political, we want to use our 13th issue to celebrate the body’s infinite creative potential.