Colonia, the time-honoured fragrance originally created by Acqua di Parma in 1916 has been reproduced…  in the same iconic bottle but in a new, stylish-black, Essenza version. The bottle and case are designed to mirror the tuxedo, and Italian sartorial craft.

Additionally, the Colonia Essenza range is available in a broader line, which includes an After-shave Balm and Tonic – part of your shaving shaving ritual. Two new formulas join the shampoo and shower gel, face emulsion, and the spray deodorant. They are all available in black, matching the new Essenza.

New After-Shave Balm

A fluid and softening, quick-absorbing gel emulsion, rich of natural active ingredients with a soothing and refreshing action that counters the chafe caused by shaving.

£39 for 100ml

New After-Shave Lotion

An alcohol-based toning lotion for a prompt fresh sensation. Its soothing action calms the chafe caused by shaving and leaves the skin soft, while preserving its hydrolipidic balance. Ideal for normal or greasy skins.

£39 for 100ml