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Introducing the new Colonia Sandalo fragrance from Acqua di Parma which marries the fresh, citrus notes of Colonia with the rich, creamy and smooth notes of sandalwood. A sound concept; combining the freshness of a cologne with the ever-popular men’s fragrance staple- sandalwood. A wise move from Acqua di Parma it would seem.

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Obviously the key ingredient is Sandalwood essential oil, popular and extracted from the wood of the sandalwood tree for over 4000 years- it can be found growing naturally in the Indian subcontinent. The extract comes from the heartwood, the innermost and most scented part of the trunk, as well as the toughest. Sandalwood is well used in men’s fragrances for depth but also in aromatherapy to soothe, relieve tension and find inner calm. Who wouldn’t want that!?

NEW Acqua di Parma Colonia Sandalo & Pack (Mood).jpg

Colonia Sandalo opens with bergamot, lemon, orange and petitgrain- light notes to represent a traditional Cologne. Moving on; notes of cardamom and lavender are then released in the heart and at the base we find those creamy and aromatic notes of Indian sandalwood enhanced by the warm accents of tonka bean and amber.

We haven’t tried the fragrance at Ape HQ but the recipe sounds like a good one. Let us know your thoughts.