Probably the most common grooming ailment among men is hair loss; from a receding hairline right through to baldness. Many a man has spent many an hour searching for the answer to the riddle of male pattern baldness. One possible answer is from luxury Japanese skincare brand Shiseido.

Shiseido’s history of research and development in hair care and hair growth since 1915, has led to the development of Adenosine; a phenomenally effective bio-ingredient that directly augments hair’s healthy look. Naturally occurring as a component of DNA, Adenosine is bio-compatible to deliver quick, definite, visible results.

How does it work?

When used twice daily (morning and night) Adenosine acts in two ways:

  • Directly promotes the ideal environment for hair cells, which is essential for hair to look it’s thickest and best
  • Maintains hair roots in their optimal natural condition

Shiseido is 1st to use Adenosine and has exclusive rights until 2018.

9 out of 10 men saw improvement in hair thickness (Clinical test method: 102 men aged 30-50 with male pattern baldness, during 6 months of application. A randomised, double blind trial of Adenosine and an ingredient already known as an effective hair growth agent, niacin amide)