Alford & Hoff, founded in 2008 by Barry Alford and Jefferson Hoffman – is a men’s luxury grooming brand directed at the “New Generation of Men”.

Barry Alford

Alford – born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, is a gifted athlete with a career at a Fortune 500 Company that thrived on science, technology and performance. It was here that his link to skin care blossomed, with his discovery of Sirtuins and their ability to prolong cell longevity.

Jefferson Hoffman

Hoffman, born and raised in Minnesota and Arizona State University (American Football) teammate of Alford took a more entrepreneurial career path – arriving in the skin care world, via personal interest.

Alford & Hoff

Alford & Hoff, some years after University, decided to get together and set about creating Alford & Hoff – with a focus on luxury skin care and lifestyle branding, focusing on men who are driven by performance, excellence and success.

Today, Alford & Hoff offer a signature fragrance – launched in 2009 and a full men’s skin care product line based on the Sirtuin-activating complex. They worked with renowned perfumer; Rodrigo Flores-Roux of Givaudan for the fragrance – a superb offering with a fresh top, masculine core and deep, woody base. To develop their skin care line, they partnered with Dr. John Gross a notable cosmetic and plastic surgeon.


Alford & Hoff is available wholly in the US from and the fragrance in the UK from – priced £95 (100ml).