American Crew Gets Prescriptive

Men’s salon products marketer American Crew is getting into the hair thickening business with Trichology Hair Recovery System, a four-item line launching this month to salons. The range includes a shampoo, a 60-count box of patches and 42- and 12-count boxes of ampoules, which contain a concentrate designed to be applied to the scalp.

The products use a combination of hops, rosemary, swertia japonica and silica, which claims to yield “fuller, thicker, stronger hair — and [prolonged] hair life,” the company stated. The Trichology Hair Recovery System will be carried in American Crew’s full distribution of 25,000-plus salons in the U.S., according to the 15-year-old brand’s founder, David Raccuglia.

“We’re getting more into prescriptive care rather than just styling,” said Raccuglia during an interview following a recent press event to unveil the line. During a presentation at the unveiling, executives said more than 30 percent of men in their 30s and half of men 50-plus experience hair loss. “American Crew aims to provide the best products to help men maintain not only their hair, but their confidence,” Raccuglia stated.

Industry sources estimate the Trichology Hair Recovery System could generate upward of $5 million in retail sales volume during its first year on the market. The shampoo is priced at $11.50 for 250 ml. and the patches are priced at $49.95. The concentrate is priced at $75.95 for 42 ampoules and at $29.95 for 12 ampoules.

The Trichology Hair Recovery System is designed to be implemented in two steps: the shampoo followed by either the patches or the concentrate. The shampoo is intended to prepare the scalp for absorption of the active ingredients in either the patches or the concentrate. The patches are meant to be worn at night for eight hours and are designed to gradually release ingredients and one ampoule of the concentrate is supposed to be applied daily.

“It helps round out the brand’s portfolio,” Nicholas Guastaferro, American Crew’s marketing director, said of the Trichology Hair Recovery System. “We’re really putting a lot of emphasis on innovation.” In addition to the new line for thinning hair, the American Crew assortment comprises shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. The firm also markets a shaving line and the brand is carried in 50 countries.