Objective: Anthony Logistics signature hot towel shave. Give yourself a luxurious treatment.

Strategy: Combine deep cleansing with superior shave techniques to eliminate razor burn. Leaves skin soft and smooth.

To prepare the skin for a closer shave.
Apply Glycolic Cleanser in circular motions to skin that has been warmed and dampened by a towel.
Remove cleanser, then wrap the towel well, especially on the area to be shaved.

To help prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps.
Lightly massage Facial Scrub on face using circular motions.
Micro beads remove dead skin cells and can lift beard hairs.

To protect skin and stimulate the beard.
Apply a thin layer of Anthony Logistics Shave Cream.
Shave. No Benzocaine. No Over-shaving. No Razor Burn.

To hydrate, and calm after shaving.
Finish with Anthony Logistics After-Shave Balm with special ingredients to soothe and stimulate the skin’s own moisturizing mechanisms.
Leaves skin smooth and protected all day.

All information courtesy of Anthony Logistics.