Objective: Revitalise your skin and prevent future breakouts with Anthony Logistics.

Strategy:Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage and moisturize for a smooth complexion.

1. Prepare hot towels.

2. To prep the skin for deeper exfoliation, start with a multi-purpose cleanser to remove impurities without stripping the skin use Glycolic Facial Cleanser. For problem skin, use our Acne Cleanser. Remove the cleanser with hot dampened towels.

3. Apply a thin layer of the Deep Pore Cleansing Clay mask with a naturally occurring clay that purifies your skin! Leave it on for 5 minutes to allow full absorption of any excess oil. Then remove with a hot dampened towel. For acne prone or problem skin, spread a layer of the Complete Acne Treatment onto the skin. It will absorb immediately. If needed, use Spot Therapy directly on the blemishes.

4. As a perfect complement for normal to oily skin, try the Facial Scrub to loosen dead skin cells and brighten the complexion. Use dampened fingertips to massage the spherical beads into the skin; it is gentle enough to use twice a week and will not scrape the skin. Rinse off to reveal a more polished skin.

5. Use Astringent Toner Pads to tighten pores, mattify the skin, and control excess oil all day.

6. For a calming, firming touch finish with Eye Cream, Oil Free Facial Lotion, or All Purpose Facial Moisturizer.

All information courtesy of Anthony Logistics for Men. Products available from nivenandjoshua.com now.