Various Ape to Gentleman writers have written about many of the fantastic products on offer from Anthony Logistics but never has anyone given you an insight into the brand, until now…

Anthony Logistics is one of mine and Ape to Gentleman’s favourite male grooming brands of all time, it’s right up there, possibly at the very top. For us, Anthony Logistics ticks all of the boxes when it comes to a male grooming range. After ten years of research and development by founder Anthony Sosnick and colleagues he created a ‘head to toe’ range designed specifically for men. The products, many packed with natural ingredients were created to address every concern men have, and were created from the ground up. What I mean by this is Anthony Logistics was created with men in mind from the start, it wasn’t a tag-on line to a successful women’s brand or an after thought. Time, effort and careful design was put into creating this range of products specifically for men and the proof is in the pudding, Anthony Logistics continues to grow not just in the US and UK but worldwide, winning men’s loyalty and industry awards on its way.

Anthony Logistics has grown over the years from their fantastic ‘core’ range named simply, Anthony Logistics For Men. The ‘core’ range covers most areas of male grooming and men’s skincare with quick and easy to use products in the face, shave, hair and body categories. Not only the basics such as shaving creams, face scrubs and moisturiser but more advanced products ranging from anti-ageing, self tanners to eye care solutions. Our favourite ‘core’ product is the Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Mask – brilliant for oily skin and open pores.

  • The arrival of Anthony Sport saw a more straightforward offering – covering the basics in quick and easy formats to cater for the busy, no fuss guys.
  • Anthony Action was developed as an answer to highly-specific issues and designed to meet the requirements of the most sophisticated male customers. The focus is on ultra-premium ingredients and technology.
  • Despite the ‘core’ Anthony Logistics range offering a selection of body care products, Anthony Body Essentials takes it one step further with a range of body sprays, shower gels and soaps in varying scents.


The latest additions are Shaveworks The Cool Fix, designed to reduce ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and redness. In summary it’s a one stop shop (or blue gel) designed to deal with all shaving related problems. With it being unisex it’s extremely popular with both men and women.

2011 saw the arrival of AnthonyInside, which signifies a general shift towards supplements for men, with more and more supplements appearing in the male grooming world. Developed in partnership with the Food Science Corporation AnthonyInside covers every concern from good prostate health, libido, hair, energy and a leaner waistline to healthier skin.

If you’re new to male grooming or a seasoned veteran, I can thoroughly recommend the award winning Anthony Logistics range. All areas are covered and well. Not to mention a percentage of all Anthony Logistics proceeds are donated to charities dedicated to increasing awareness and to the ultimate elimination of Prostate Cancer, look out of the blue ribbon on Anthony Logistics products which acknowledges their allegiance to the cause.

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