P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards 2010


Ape to Gentleman we’re privileged to attend to this year’s Procter & Gamble Beauty & Grooming Awards held at illustrious Mayfair hideout Sketch. We’re pleased to report that drinks were flowing (the Rum & Ginger cocktail went down a bit too well), and the event was hosted by none other than Rick Edwards, whose banter was on a level akin to that of this Blog. Exemplary. Congratulations are due to Ahmed Zambarakji (aka The Exfoliator) on scooping up Best Grooming Journalist of a Print Monthly magazine, and to Procter & Gamble for being good hosts. We’ll be seeing you next year.

Earth day 2010: Pharrell x Kiehls


Pharrell Williams is a man with serious clout; pretty much anything he turns his hands to results in Gold. That’s why we we’re pleased to hear that he has turned his formidable talents to Philanthropy, more specifically in aid of Earth Day 2010. Pharrell has teamed up with esteemed grooming brand Kiehls to design a label for their limited edition Acai Damage-Protecting Toning Mist, along with actress Julianne Moore, contemporary artist Jeff Koons, and pro surfer Malia Jones. The mist is an antioxidant facial refresher which has been intermingled with natural favourite Aloe Vera. Kiehls will donate 100% of the first $200,000 to the Rainforest Alliance.


via Billionaire Boys Club Blog

Proraso – Italian Grooming


Proraso makes the Friday Five as an ode to shaving tradition. For over 80 years Proraso has been the leading Italian barber shop shaving brand much loved in Italy since the 1920s. Even the packaging and advertising has changed very little with time. That said Proraso have now released their best-selling pre-and post shave cream in new sensitive skin formula. We’re delighted to report the packaging has retained its traditional Italian flair, with the iconic ‘White & Green’ Proraso branding. Full review to follow shortly…


Horological Machines


While this has absolutely nothing to do with grooming in essence, watches do play a vital part in completing a mans look. The right choice of watch can turn you from being percieved as an ‘Ape’ into to being seen as a modern gentleman, and none more so than MB&F. MB&F (Maximilian Büsser & Friends) don’t make watches, they make ‘Horological Machines’ which are as much, if not more, art and sculpture as they are micro-engineering: they are machines which tell the time rather than machines to tell the time. To put it simply, MB&F are kinetic art. The downside; it’s going to cost you a few pennies. Worth it though.


Liverpool’s Number 9


This week sees the return of ‘El Nino’ to scoring form; four goals in two matches. So all is good in the life of Fernando Torres, well all apart from his hair. We’re not saying that he can’t pull it off, but there comes a time in everyman’s life when he must make a decision – to chop or not to chop? David Beckham made that difficult choice, and with it came more masculine image, and decidedly more rugged perception of Becks in the public eye. So should Fernando make the chop? Well put it this way, it is going to be pretty ‘warm’ in South Africa this summer, now is as good a time as any.