While there is no official Friday Five this week, there has been one general murmur of discontent around the Ape to Gent office which definitely warrants a mention. We were hoping it was an early April Fool, but it seems that to our horror, we were mistaken. The subject of our displeasure is none other than Anish Kapoor’s proposed ArcelorMittal Orbit monument for the 2012 Olympics.


A steel structure that would look more at place at Alton Towers, the ArcelorMittal Orbit is being hailed as the UK’s answer to ‘La Tour Eiffel’. Please. Not only is it a ‘meagre’ 100m+ shorter; how they can possibly compare that proposed steel wreck to the elegance of the Eiffel Tower is beyond me. It looks like it was designed with the new Wembley stadium’s lattice arch as its basis.  Unfortunately the funding has already been agreed for this one, and it’s set to go ahead.

On a lighter note, Friday Five will be back next week in all its glory, stay tuned…

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