Ape to Gentleman took time out of Molton Brown skincare expert Nathalie Eleni’s busy schedule for some insider tips and how the new Molton Brown Skincare Range can address your skin care concerns.

CB: Nathalie, why did you choose to work with Molton Brown?

NE: I chose to work with Molton Brown because it is an iconic British brand with a wonderful reputation, who put a lot of time, care and research into their products.

CB: You’re an internationally renowned skincare expert and have worked with some of the world’s best known celebrities. What is THE most important skincare tip you insist on your clients following?

Double cleansing – try and spend the most amount of time on this part of your routine.

NE: Spend time working the cleanser in and around your t-zone and neck, then repeat. Travelling around, especially in the city, builds up an invisible layer of bacteria and dirt so double cleanse to ensure you get rid of it all.

CB: Molton Brown is one of Ape to Gentleman’s favourite brands. We admire their planet-wide quest for the finest ingredients. In their new skincare collection which ingredient and product stands out the most to you?

NE: The Indian karanja tree seed oil within Molton Brown’s Karanja Tree Sunshield SPF 30 is my favourite ingredient as it creates an age-defence barrier that avoids the use of harsh chemicals or heavy formulations which clog the pores.

CB: Men are infamous for adopting the ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to skincare. Can you suggest a simple and effective 3-step routine for us to follow?


  1. Cleanse (and repeat).
  2. Tone (in particular; the natural fruit acids within the Molton Brown toner act as an exfoliator – perfect to prevent ingrowing hairs with shaving).
  3. Moisturise (massage a thick layer on to your face before bed for extra hydration).

N.B If you are in a hot climate you can use the SPF instead of the moisturiser during the day and then a thick moisturiser at night to hydrate.


CB: What is the average man’s most common grooming mistake and how do we rectify it?

NE: Often men can over moisturise their skin leaving it too greasy which causes spots. Pick a moisturiser for your specific skin type and apply twice a day, applying a little extra at night to deeply hydrate.

CB: What would be your desert island grooming product?

NE: The Molton Brown Karanja Tree Sunshield SPF 30 as it’s all about protecting skin against sun damage, which rapidly ages skin, leaving it wrinkled and discolored. The SPF30 assures high-level sun protection as part of an everyday skincare routine.

CB: And finally, if you had one piece of advice you could give to anyone, what would it be?

NE: Keep it simple. Decide on a skincare routine that is easy to stick to so you know you will continue with it.

We would like to thank Nathalie for her time and for some very practical tips and tricks.