Here at Ape to Gentleman we were fortunate enough to grab Ireland’s rugby superstar Brian O’Driscoll, busy preparing for his upcoming match against Wales this Saturday in the 6 Nations for a few questions about his grooming habits, cars and Manchester United.

1)      You’ve captained Leinster, Ireland, the British Lions, won the European Cup, being capped for your country 99 times – what do you hope to achieve next?

Playing for Ireland is a great honour and something I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of. At the moment I’m just really enjoying my rugby so I hope it continues. Ideally with all teams I’m involved in, challenging for honours is the benchmark.

2)      You have always played rugby from a young age, is there any other sport you’ve always wished you had tried out as a youngster?  We hear a place in the Manchester United line-up might tempt you away from rugby!!

Well, I am a Manchester United fan so I would find that difficult to turn down although my touch isn’t quite what it used to be. I did play a lot of Gaelic Football in Dublin when I was growing up but Rugby is the sport I’ve always loved.

3)      Brian, there has always been an impression that Rugby players are quite rugged in appearance, but it seems increasingly that Rugby players are leaving the ruggedness on the pitch. Have you noticed a change in the attitude of Rugby players towards fashion and grooming? For example, seeing more male grooming products in the dressing rooms?

I think the change in Rugby has coincided with a general shift in men taking more care of themselves. I like to feel my best before going on the pitch and part of that means preparing myself mentally and physically. The changing room definitely contains a lot more grooming products these days!

4)      Shaving is one part of the grooming process in which all men have to partake. You appear on the most part to be clean shaven, what are your shaving products of choice? Do you use any other skin care products?

Well, I do some work with Gillette which means I get to try out their products. I use their latest razor, the Fusion Gamer, and their Sensitive Shave Gel whenever I shave. I’ve also gradually come round to using stuff before and after I shave. They’ve got a Thermal Scrub that’s good for getting clean after a game and then a Moisturiser which is great for me as I get quite dry skin after shaving.

5) So we can get to know a bit more about the true Gent, here are a few quick fire questions:

Clothing: Smart or casual?


Book or movie?

Movie (however comparing the same product the book is always better).

Favourite car?

Lexus ISF.

3 Essential Kit Bag Grooming Items?

Fusion Razor, Moisturiser, Face wipes.

Favourite fragrance?

Aqua di Gio.

Who’s the toughest player you’ve ever faced in world rugby?

Richard Hill.

If you were playing against the Irish team, which player would you fear the most?

After being taken out of a game recently by him it would have to be Paul O’Connell.

Biggest dressing room joker?

Fergus McFadden (Leinster).

6) And finally, if you had one piece of advice you could give to anyone, what would it be?

Train like you’re going to play.

You can see Brian in action this Saturday in Ireland’s 6 Nations match v. Wales at Croke Park live on the BBC, kick-off at 2:30pm.