Aesop Deodorant


This weeks Friday Five commences with a new product from Australian brand Aesop. While we’re pretty sure that this deodorant will be top notch, the thing that really caught our imagination was the odour testing method used in the imagery – magnificent. The Aesop Deodorant itself is a spray containing eleven essential oils that prevent and neutralise underarm odour. Not an antiperspirant, not an aluminium-based roll-on, not a product for athletes but a botanically based product for everyday use. The Aesop Deodorant is available in Australia now, and will be in Europe and Asia soon for a pleasingly scented 2010.


Creed Black Leather Travel Bag


Toiletry bags have become the prestige item of the changing room with the likes of Louis Vuitton Damier and Gucci currently wearing the crown, but of late more contenders are entering the prestige wash bag market. Last week we looked at Porsche Design’s interpretation, and the wash bag love continues here on Ape to Gentleman with this offering from esteemed perfumer Creed. Apart from being undeniably stylish, the Creed bags are so strong that they have been used by U.S. troops in Iraq and if that’s not enough, they can even be made to order in your own special colour.


‘Electric’ Razor?


In life, there are some things that should never happen and this here, is a prime example. We recently came across this post in a shave forum:

‘You can tape a Gillette Fusion Power handle to a straight razor and shave while it vibrates’

The response of the next guy summed up our emotions; it was simply “Why would you?” I can just picture the look on his face as he composed his response, a mixture of confusion and disgust. You want a vibrating razor, get a Gillette Fusion Power, there’s a reason Straight razors don’t vibrate. The moral of this story gentleman is just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should be; in the words of a young Chris RockYou can drive a car with yours knees if you want to, but that doesn’t make it a good idea”. Quite.

Eric the gRoomED


Everything Eric Cantona does seems to come out trumps. Be it an audacious lob from over 40 yards out, or a flying kick into the face of a badgering fan, Cantona seems to carry himself with an unerring sense of elegance and more than a touch of ‘je ne sais quoi ‘. But that said this new partnership with L’Oreal Men Expert is set to be an interesting one. Sit back gentleman and enjoy the show.

Origami Soaps


Last but, by no means least, is La Compagnie de Provence’s new range of soaps with origami packaging. La Compagnie de Provence, if you’re reading this, Ape to Gentleman would like a limited edition soap in your famous ‘Ylang’ scent, finished off in black packaging with instructions on how to make a Bowler Hat out of origami. We don’t ask for much, do we.