It could be the increasingly longer days, the rare sunshine, or possibly the fact that Ireland Rugby captain Brian O’Driscoll had a chat with us, but this weeks Friday Five has a distinctly sporting feel to it. However first lets get the ball rolling with an insightful ‘How to’ video from Gillette – apparently ‘Shaving the bush makes the tree look taller’. Brilliant.



We’re now on the cusp of the 2010 World Cup, the time is coming to enjoy beer in earnest. A gentleman requires a gentleman’s beer, and that’s where beer artisans Sao Gabriel Collective come into the picture. Impressed with their Puma collaboration, Ape to Gentleman took it upon ourselves to do some ‘research’ about the South African beer producers. It’s about time someone developed a beer worthy of the belly that will inevitably follow after years of consumption. That said, fear not gentlemen, a study of 2,300 drinkers and non-drinkers, those that drank at least one alcoholic beverage a day had less abdominal fat. Furthermore there is reason to rejoice, contrary to popular belief; ml for ml, beer contains less calories than wine, and 330ml of beer has about the same Calories as 180ml of wine. See below:



F1 2010 – Battle of the Groomed


The ever increasingly glamorous Formula One season gets off to a heated start in Bahrain this Sunday. As far as the driving is concerned, Lewis Hamilton holds the early advantage with the second fastest practice lap of the day, two tenths of a second quicker than the defending champion Jenson Button. But more importantly, who will win the Battle of the Groomed; clean cut Lewis Hamilton, or the ‘laissez-faire’ rugged Jenson Button? Or maybe Michael Schumacher will pip them both to the finish line… We shall withhold our judgement until after the final Race of the season in Abu Dhabi. May the best (groomed) man win.

Patriotic Shaving


Merkur are a very traditional company, with traditional values and production methods steeped in Solingen tradition, however it seems that their new range of products are seeing them embrace modernity albeit in a typically Merkur style. Take for example the Merkur Alu, with a distinctly oversized, art deco handle. More importantly, it comes in the patriotic Red of the St. George flag (or for our US reader’s, the Stars & Stripes), so you can be patriotic and shave at the same time. It’s on the newly formed Ape to Gentleman 2010 World Cup shopping list (along with the Puma Unity Beer). What else should be on our list we wonder…? The World Cup spirit is rife.

The Six Nations


A big day of Six Nations Rugby is lined up for tomorrow, with England vs. Scotland and Ireland vs. Wales. The highlight of the Ape to Gentleman week has to be the interview with Ireland captain Brian O’Driscoll, typifying the modern gent; socially savvy, well groomed, but not afraid to get his hands dirty when required. This interview signals the first of our two part Rugby Player interview, the next of which will feature a current England superstar, any ideas who…? Watch this space.