The Federal Reserve have announced that they will be changing the US Dollar as of the next fiscal year to these new innovative designs… No, they are not really changing the US Dollar design and especially not to this design, that would be ludicrously out of character (but very cool), however it does raise an interesting point;

What will the currency of the future look like…?

Dowling Duncan, the company behind this innovative design, posits that as most of the time currency is dealt with vertically, the text and imagery should also be vertical for clarity purposes. Makes sense. The notes are also different lengths so that they are easier to differentiate when placed on top of each other. Also makes sense. The Bank of England should commission these guys to design the inevitable Prince William (& Kate) Pound notes – you know its going to happen. Follow the discussion in the Ape to Gentleman forum.


For other innovative designs visit the Dollar ReDe$ign Project.

via The Import