Following on from the launch of Aqua Sheko on Monday, we have some images of the tanks and spa itself for those that were wondering (like us) exactly what the ‘new’ concept treatment would entail. At first glance you would almost fail to recognise the fish tanks were even there with the oriental inspired décor more like that of a West End bar, rather than an aquarium or spa. As it is a foot treatment you’ll only need to remove your footwear making it convenient for a lunch time escape from work. Aqua Sheko has eight pools, allowing one client per pool, which are filtered and fed by a constant oxygen supply to ensure clean water and a healthy environment for the fish. In addition, the pools are sterilized using ultra-violet lights.

The treatment itself is a unique form of men’s skin care that uses Garra Rufa fish, a form of carp, to gently remove dead skin. The fish have no teeth and use a sucking motion to painlessly lift away dead skin without damaging the new health cells underneath, leaving you with a pleasant sensation similar to a light massage.

While fish therapy might be new to the UK, these miniature pedicurists have been perfecting the feet of bathers for centuries. Found naturally in hot springs near Kangal, Turkey, it is believed that Garra Rufa fish secrete an enzyme – diathanol – that improves skin regeneration. Fish therapy has been used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and is suitable for anyone suffering from dry skin.

For a 45 minute treatment you would pay £35 which includes:
• Washing/cleaning of feet prior to treatment
• Thirty minutes of fish therapy
• Relaxing massage after treatment

Should you get addicted, Aqua Sheko offers one free fish therapy session, after the first three sessions booked so you can keep your feet flip-flop fresh. Aqua Sheko  founder, Ms Ho was inspired to bring fish therapy to London after receiving the treatment herself whilst on holiday in Macau. “Fish therapy was so effective it was like a mask had been removed from my feet, the results were instant.”

Well after the long winter of brogue wearing has taken its toll on your feet, it’s time to give them the airtime they deserve this summer.  Make sure your feet are ready for the big reveal.