I wrote about Polaar in 2009, the first skin care range for men based on Polar active ingredients. With more and more Polaar enquiries at Ape to Gentleman HQ and a video (see below) sent to us by the brand for your pleasure, we decided to give Polaar a call to explain themselves. It turns out that sales particularly in Europe are growing and fast!

I must admit, we haven’t paid too much attention to Polaar in the the past but thinking more deeply about the brand and it’s products I felt I needed to bring it to your (Ape to Gentleman readers) attention for it really does tick every box. Firstly, they have a complete range for men, secondly they use unique active ingredients within plants of polar origin with absolutely no alcohol, parabens or mineral oils. Thirdly, the packaging looks great – the official word is ‘iceberg-like’ containers boxed in sails and finally they include Polar Algae, capable of surviving -45°C, with 220km/h winds and 6 months of polar night – surely this kicks even Creme de la Mer’s weedy sea kelp in to touch, let alone city pollution, some British sunshine and a few too many drinks on a Saturday night!


Our favourites are the Polaar Very Different Shaving Oil, which is, well, very different – in a good way! And Polaar Icy Magic – a tired eye transforming power house.