I’ve long been a fan of Armani Code so was naturally delighted to test the new Armani Code Sport. As with most ‘sport’ versions of successful fragrances we tend to see a green or citrusy scent – a more refreshing diversification.

First impressions of Armani Code Sport are good, I’m pleased they kept the same stylish brushed metal effect cap and matte black bottle that Armani Code debuted with (and additional red ‘sport’ logo). The concept courtesy of Armani is…


intriguing, mysterious, desirable

Coupled with the image created for Armani Code, the bottle and the scent, I understand why these words were chosen.

I’m also pleased to report that Armani Code Sport smells delightful – top notes of various mints and citrus fruits put a fresh twist on the original whilst maintaing it’s vetiver, woody and manly heart.

Armani Code Sport will be available nationwide from June 2011.

50ml EDT: £45.00

75ml EDT: £53.00