I was privileged to recently encounter Attitude Extreme on my travels; Giorgio Armani’s latest ‘update’ to the Attitude fragrance range. The signature sculpted bottle, designed by Fabien Baron in the Art Deco style of the 1930’s, is now entirely in deep black onyx.  “The powerful black lacquer of this compact and solid object imposes a new elegance: resolutely and extremely masculine.” So they tell us, and they may well have a point; from the moment you pick up the bottle, there’s no doubt that you are holding something of significance, everything oozes rock like solidarity, and the weight is reassuringly heavy in the hand. The mysterious black bottle, with it’s Zippo like opening mechanism, distinctly satisfying in its rigid working, bodes well for the fragrance contained inside.


So how does this new version compare to its 2007 counterpart? This ‘new’ fragrance, described as more intense, seductive and masculine, has used the original ingredients as a starting point, and simply augmented them to the next level. “The woody oriental has been reworked to display masculinity in a more sensual, pronounced way. The Sicilian Lemon top note is cloaked in the star anise note and even more cardamon gives a spicy aromatic burst of infinite richness and freshness.

At the heart, the coffee-cedar accord is shaken up with incense whose purity exudes a warm sensuality through its original amber facet. The silage is enhanced at the base.  Smooth, woody ambergris and mysterious, enveloping Indonesian Patchouli add sensuality to the composition.”