How to Shave – Shaving Concepts

  There are four concepts you must understand in order to get a good shave. Concept number 1, Cleanliness. If you’re using an electric razor the skin must be clean…
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How to Shave – Wet Shaving Razors

  Wetshaving razors: so much marketing, so much technology, so little attention by the shaver.  Many people think it has everything to do with the number of blades on the…
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How to Shave – Shaving Software

  Shaving Software What exactly is shaving software? Shaving software are creams, gels, foams, and soaps.  All other things being equal, anything out of a pressurized can is the least desirable…
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How to Shave – Preparing to Shave

  A good shave starts before you actually shave.  The area you’re going to shave needs to be clean and thoroughly wet before you begin.  That means washing the area…
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