Axe is in the business of men’s hair, they take it very seriously and given their latest research, so should we. Axe’s research shows that 74% of girls agree that hair is one of the first things they notice about a guy.  Furthermore, and worryingly for most men, 90% say that upon meeting a guy for the first time, they are at least somewhat likely to go out with him if he has good hair.

To show exactly how little us guys know our opposite sex, only 29% of men thought that hair is very important to attract a girl.  Hmmm…

Well luckily Axe have put together a regime of hair products, from cleansing to styling to help you improve your chances with those 90% of women.  The particularly astute among you will notice that the Axe styling collection doesn’t contain any hair gel. Their ‘leave no stone untouched’ approach to research revealed that 90% of girls find hard, crusty, over-gelled hair a turn-off.  So there you have it.

The culmination of this research is Axe’s latest product Axe Smooth & Sophisticated Look Shine Pomade, which gives hair long-lasting shine and control for a smooth, polished look. Such is the pedigree of this pomade that it was a Men’s Health Grooming Award  2010 winner in the ‘Best Pomade’ Category.

Well gent’s you are in luck; Ape to Gentleman and Axe are giving you a chance to try the pomade for yourself for free, all you have to do is follow AXE on Twitter and tweet this:

Hi @AXE! @apetogentleman said I should follow you and tweet this message to get free AXE Smooth & Sophisticated Look Shine Pomade!”

Axe will randomly select 10 people and send you the Axe Smooth & Sophisticated Look Shine Pomade.

So follow Axe on Twitter (@AXE) and claim your free award winning pomade – Research shows that this is a great idea.


The Men’s Health Grooming Award committee had about 500 product submissions this year for their Grooming Awards. Their test panel comprised of grooming experts, Men’s Health editors, stylists and esthiticians, narrowed this list down to a total of 39 winning products in six categories: face, shave, hair, body, teeth and fragrance.