England got their World Cup campaign underway on Saturday stirring up the usual mixed reactions and controversy but with a slight difference – this year we have a narrator in James Corden and his ITV show ‘World Cup Live’. To show your support of the England team, James Corden (and the England team) are asking the nation to not shave whilst England are still in the tournament – Back The Beard. The idea is that by not shaving our beards, we’ll be supporting England’s bid to win the World Cup… Right.


So that the women and children don’t feel left out, they have provided a cut out beard for you to put on. Despite this kind gesture, I’m sure the Back the Beard declaration will give many English women another reason to silently wish for England’s speedy exit from the tournament.

Stay tuned for Ape to Gentleman’s special Back the Beard feature… My beard cultivation is on-the-grow.