There are now less that 30 days to view the works of controversial (to say the very least) graffiti artist Banksy at the Bristol Museum. Hailing from Bristol (some think, no-one knows for sure) Banksy’s stencilled works have been the source of mass debate and discussion since the turn of the century.  Banksy became a household name through his bold stencil graffiti depicting oft contentious topics such as capitalism and human ethics in his distinctive satirical manner.

His latest project sees him let loose on the Bristol Museum unleashing his political artistry on the Museum as well as exhibiting some of his own specialist pieces. Some view his work as art, others as vandalism, but regardless of your stance you can’t help but admire the man’s audacity and commitment to his art form. Banksy vs Bristol Museum is free to view from 13 June – 31 August 2009.