English shoe brand Barker Black has released a new line of footwear for the Spring/Summer 2011 season in new styles and colours. The line consists of leather high-top sneakers, embroidered slippers in washed linen or woven silk wool and moccasins in luxurious suede – all offered in an array of vivid colours.

The suede moccasins will sell for $425 (USD), the slippers for $495 (USD) and the high-top leather sneakers for $550 (USD).

Barker Black’s most recent foray into more casual footwear captures the essence of the brand while incorporating their exacting standards for quality.

High-top sneakers

• Materials: available in deerskin or calf, depending on colour
• Colours: orange, green, grey, black and white
• Details: silk stripe detail and toe punching featuring skull and crossbone motif
• Retail price: $550 (US)


• Materials: available in washed linen or woven silk wool
• Colours: black, natural, navy, charcoal, purple
• Details: slippers feature embroidered skull and crossbone motif or the brand’s signature motto: “Death” and “Glory”
• Retail price: $495 (US)


• Materials: suede
• Colours: cobalt, green and snuff brown
• Details: silver crossbone trim, rubber crossbone sole
• Retail price: $425 (US)

Also new for Spring/Summer 2011: the “Hartwell” slip on wingtip loafer in antique honey calf, priced at $775 (US).

Starting in March, the Spring/Summer 2011 line of footwear, in its new three distinct styles will be available at Barker Black stores nationwide as well as on the brand’s e-commerce website:


About Barker Black
Barker Black is the epitome of English refinement.  Established in the village of Earls Barton in 1880 by Arthur Barker, the factory quickly became renowned for their craftsmen and fine workmanship. Specializing in the “Good Year Welted” construction, the shoes became a staple in the wardrobe of every self-respecting Englishman. After 125 years of producing quality bench made shoes in a factory christened by the Queen mum herself, Barker Black has been developed to embrace the storied past while forging ahead in design, details, and elegant sophistication.