Baxter of California, the premium men’s grooming line since 1965, is expanding into the personal fragrance category with two new colognes namely, BRAVADO 2 and BRAVADO 3. Both fragrances are set to debut mid-April exclusively at Barneys New York locations around the country. Each 3.4 oz (100ml.) bottle will retail for $80. International markets include: Colette Paris, Isetan Man Tokyo, and Cartier 206 Berlin.

Why Bravado 2 and Bravado 3? The Company’s founder Baxter Finley first launched the original Bravado, a floral woodsy cologne in the early 1970’s, but the fragrance has since been retired for over 7 years. As part of Baxter’s expansion into the men’s lifestyle category, Jean-Pierre Mastey, Baxter’s current president, decided to re-introduce cologne into the line. Mastey appropriately named the new fragrances as an homage to the original cologne. “The word bravado has an obvious masculine connotation,” says Mastey. “It also has historical significance for the Baxter brand.”

Marc Atlan, an art director with fragrance packaging credits including Comme des Garcons, Helmut Lang and Yves Saint Laurent, designed Bravado’s new bottle and packaging. Unlike traditional box packaging, Atlan stayed away from using ink or glue. Instead, he created a bold study in contrasts by use a dense and intricate explosion of splatters, sprays and drips in foil application.

“The packaging is unapologetic, radical and absolutely masculine,” says Atlan. Photographer Albert Giordan was selected to capture the Bravado imagery. Giordan’s work has appeared in French Vogue, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, and Big Magazine. He has shot campaigns for brands including Cartier, Rolex, and Comme des Garcons.

BRAVADO 2 – Fragrance Notes:
Top Note: Citrus
Middle Note: Light Floral
Dry Down: Soft Vanilla Musk, Slight Citrus
Slight Notes: Natural Lemon Oil Peel, Basil, Cypress, Mandarin

BRAVADO 3 – Fragrance Notes:
Top Note: Mandarin Citrus
Middle Note: White Floral Lavender
Dry Down: Musk Woody
Slight Notes: Bergamot, Nutmeg, Lavender

About Baxter of California: Founded in 1965, Baxter of California was the first company to market skincare products made specifically for men. The simple and focused line covers skincare, shaving, hair and body products with a blend of natural and performance based ingredients. Available through select retail channels, Baxter can be found at niche barbershops, apothecaries, and leading lifestyle stores; domestic and international.

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