A gentleman’s ‘thatch’ is something to be taken seriously; investment in a quality styling product or shampoo is a given – for most. Frequently underestimated however, are the benefits of a good conditioner. Designed to provide added strength, shine and volume a good hair conditioner will also restore moisture – delivering a healthier head of hair.

Ape to Gentleman having been trialling hair conditioners from key men’s grooming brands, and rather than recommending our best 3 – we have chosen a clear winner; the Baxter of California Daily Moisturising Conditioner.

Suitable for all hair types and designed specifically for men’s hair, the rich, silky formula is almost edible. It ticks all the boxes; detangles, adds shine, is Protein-enriched, restores moisture to rebuild the hair and adds unmeasurable volume – perfect for those with thin or thinning hair.

A potion of Coenzymes A, B5, B6, B12, and Q10 give hair strength and promote manageability while Jojoba Oil, Hydrolysed Keratin, Yucca Extract and Panthenol counter dryness and add shine.

Simply massage a small quantity into clean hair and leave for a minute, then rinse thoroughly. The lingering mild-mint scent is delicious and the results… see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Staggeringly good.

*19/12/12 – at the time of writing Baxter of California is #1 in Ape to Gentleman’s Top 10 Men’s Grooming Brands.