Natural deodorants are most certainly en vogue and not without good reason. While ingredients such as aluminium and alcohol have historically been key components for odour elimination, research has shown there are better ways to achieve odour-free results without the potentially adverse effects.

What’s wrong with Aluminium and Alcohol in deodorants?

Aluminium- men with sensitive skin may have allergic reaction to aluminium leading to irritation of the underarm (contact dermatitis). Another major issue with aluminium is that it blocks perspiration, hence preventing the expulsion of toxins.

Alcohol – can cause cumulative irritation and inflammation for those with sensitive skin. Alcohol can also make the natural skin barrier more penetrable and susceptible to irritation.

The new Deodorant from Baxter of California is Aluminium Free and Alcohol Free making it the perfect deodorant for men with sensitive skin.

It uses ingredients such as citrus which effectively masks body odour, as well as the increasingly popular Acai Berry to neutralise potentially harmful free radicals. Witch Hazel is included for its natural skin healing properties, while Chamomile moisturises the underarm to alleviate irritation.

Deodorant, £19 by BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA