Baxter of California have once again collaborated with surf-come-fashion brand Saturdays NYC. Their previous collaborations have seen them work together on soap related projects, namely Pacific and Atlantic, but this latest scent based project is realised in the guise of a candle.

Entitled “Santalum + Cedrus”, the custom scented candle is suspended in black soy wax; the collaboration being marked with the increasingly familiar Saturdays “slash” logo in metallic gold.

The name itself stems from the Latin names of the two main ingredients, namely Sandalwood (Santalum) and Cedarwood (Cedrus).

The combination of the spicy-resinous scented Cedrus with the highly aromatic Santalum, highlighted with a vetiver note makes for a masculine earthy scent with an amber woody drydown.

The Baxter of California x Saturdays NYC Santalum + Cedrus Candle ($30, Burning time 60hrs) is  available from Saturdays NYC, Saturdays Daikanyama in Tokyo, Baxter Finley Barber Shop and online at Baxter of California.