It was only a matter of time before the world of male grooming was thrust under media spotlight and an acclaimed documentary film director and Academy Award nominee is giving our US readers (apologies to the rest) the chance to be the start of a definitive documentary on male grooming.

They are looking for men who take grooming to an entirely new level,men who are obsessed with the care of their skin, their hair, their nails, their eyebrows and their body hair.

We’re not talking about the man who is partial to the occasional use of moisturiser, we’re talking men who have more products than most women and cannot leave the house without looking immaculate.

This may be a bit much for most gents, but if you are interested in being part of this comprehensive documentary on the changing world of male grooming, send a brief email about you, your contact number and a picture to:

[email protected]

May the best (aka vainest) man win.