Welcome to the cable-free future where wires are officially dead. We’ve done it. No more pocket knots, no more unfortunate loss of audio thanks to a loose connection and no more getting tangled up while working out. The tech community deserves a pat on the back. We’ve pulled together a mixture of gym-ready, commuter-friendly and plain ol’ Sunday afternoon sat in a comfy chair headphones for all your audio needs.

Beats Solo3

First things first, let’s get the Beats out of the way. Available in over 14 different colours (last time we checked) including matte and gloss options, since their inception and subsequent takeovers, Beats by Dre have been pushing consumers towards higher quality sound with the help of celebrity endorsement and stylish brand power. Bolder bass (we’re not complaining) comes as standard, but sound-wise they’re tough to beat for the mid-range price.

Seamlessly pairing with Apple devices, 40 hours between charge is impressive at this outlay and they’re surprisingly comfortable with a satisfying weight. For a more professional option, albeit with half the battery, try the Studio3 model.

£184.22; amazon.co.uk

Sony WH-1000XM3

What they lack in the inspiring model name stakes, they more than make up for in pretty much every other category. It’s common knowledge that in this class this particular pair of Sony headphones reigns supreme. Faultless noise-cancelling, delightfully balanced sound and the benefit of a foldable, ergonomic design make them a real world-beating pair. Thirty hours of battery life is more than enough between charges and different cancellation modes allow for quick changes to let sound in, making them ideal for exercising outdoors.

£279; johnlewis.com

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

A serious rival on the noise-cancelling scene, Bose have improved on previous models to give Sony some healthy competition. With a stylish design and solid build, Bose have packed in dynamic and lively sound with the bonus of dramatic noise cancellation and a comfortable snug fit.

If noise cancellation isn’t your bag, Bose’s QuietComfort 35 II are another great-sounding pair of wireless headphones from a brand that puts acoustics on a pedestal.

£349.95; bose.co.uk

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

They’ll set you back – so only true music lovers need apply – but they are special. Extremely comfortable, with premium leather cushioning and a sleek metal frame, but not too bulky to the point where taking them off is a relief, these really are sit-in-a-chair-and-close-your-eyes headphones.

Hands-free mic control, high-quality noise cancellation and a truly immersive sound experience make these a dream pair of wireless headphones.

£229; richersounds.com

Jabra Elite 85H

Although not a household name by any means, Jabra is starting to give the audio big hitters a run for their money. For a premium set of wireless headphones these certainly tick the right boxes: a whopping 36 hours battery life, stylish aesthetics, a comfortable headband and fantastic sound make these an impressive proposition at the price point. A genuine alternative to some of the high-end wireless pairs on the market.

£221.50; amazon.co.uk

AKG N60NC Wireless

If you’re after value for money, these AKG headphones should be seriously considered. Offering quality that belies their price point, the noise cancellation is more than admirable and the sound manages to avoid all the standard tinny pitfalls that are so common with more value-orientated brands. The compact build seals the deal, making them ideal to carry on the move when not in use. Fifteen hours battery life isn’t too bad either.

£269; samsung.com

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

Forty (yes, four-zero) hours of battery life. Believe it. Although higher up in the £100-200 bracket, these Audio-Technica headphones offer the best battery life on the list and a studio-level attention to technical detail. Complete with microphone, breezy Bluetooth connection options and a snug albeit slightly bulky fit, these are perfect for wannabe home DJs.

£171.17; amazon.co.uk