Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Re-builder Review


Are you thirty or over? Are you aware that your face is changing? Have you seen wrinkles forming? Sorry if I’ve depressed you but the truth is that after thirty men’s skin starts to sag and slowly lose its suppleness. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! And thankfully with the demand for anti-ageing products ever increasing Biotherm Homme have released their Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Re-builder to counter any age related issues.

With the Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Re-builder three is the magic number; the number of metal roll-on applicators required to dispense the potion within, three active ingredients and three actions. The Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Re-builder is touted as an anti-wrinkle massaging tool, with active ingredients to define, tauten and hydrate. And the result – the reduction in appearance of wrinkles…


The three metal roll-on applicators present, well, rubbing these over your face is strange – now you’re thinking strange means bad? No, strange means cooling, different and strangely pleasurable. Maybe it’s the warm weather but the cooling effect of the three metal roll-on applicators is a pleasant one. What is genuinely strange is the feedback – I can feel the bone structure of my face quite accurately. Not a bad thing, more, shall I say, interesting. After use, the feeling I can only liken to a facial massage is the result.

The three active ingredients and actions are Caffeine which help REDEFINE facial contours, diminish the appearance of under eye bags and lessen double chins. Soy protein to help RE-TIGHTEN the epidermis and reduce furrows and wrinkles. Kreatilane to RE-ENERGISE cellular activity and strengthen facial foundation tissues.

I’ve used the product for a good week and have to say I like it – not only the ‘facial massage’ it provides but the applicator also tackles the physical aspect of dipping your fingers reluctantly into a jar and applying a sticky cream to your face. If you’re concerned about ageing or wrinkles or already have them then give the Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Re-builder a try.

Available to buy from Biotherm Homme in the UK priced £45.00 for 50ml.

Or in the USA from Biotherm Homme priced at $50.00 for 1.69 fl. oz.

Chris Beastall

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