At the time of writing this post Black Afgano from Nasomatto is sold out practically everywhere and has been since 2010. The reason; this £128/ 30ml pot of inky black Extrait de Parfum smells celestial.

Black Afgano is part of Nasomatto (Crazy Nose) Alessandro Gualtieri’s fragrance project. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a sample of this ‘black gold’ created by one of the most talented and innovative ‘noses’ on the planet. Gualtieri has designed fragrances for other fragrance houses but Nasomatto is where his ideas/ creations know no bounds. For example, the collection of camel dung from the floors of the Arabian Desert. Don’t be put off by this… please.

Black Afgano is centred around the best qualities of hashish – providing, “temporary bliss”. Rumour has it that there is actually hashish within and the results are an olfactory heaven. The inky black liquid, packed full of natural ingredients is highly concentrated meaning a little lasts… and trust me, you’ll want the heavy, almost smokey scent to last.

Unisex. Available from Avery Perfumes (if you’re lucky).