Modern luxury is a pseudonym for exclusivity. Not in the outmoded  5* hotel sense, but more about rareness. Epic Tomato, sister company to bespoke luxury travel brand Black Tomato, understand it to mean acquiring something that very few people can hope to possess.

Their thesis was to guide discerning travellers away from the obvious and isolated luxury of the exclusive hotel to hand-craft trips that provide an intangible luxury; a priceless combination of extreme effort and glorious reward, all set against the most geographically extreme locations on the planet. Their contention is rebellious but inclusive: Epic Tomato is all about being the first to go somewhere, being the first to do something, but achieving a hugely rewarding personal feat.

All of Epic’s exclusive experiences have been painstakingly researched and meticulously planned by a roster of adventurers who have lived in the wilds clients will transported to.

The trips themselves fall into five geographical categories; Polar, Desert, Jungle, Mountain and River. Each expedition takes you away from the world you know to testing your mettle like never before. Under the expert tutelage and guidance of Epic’s expedition leaders you can live amongst the Dani tribe of West Papua, negotiate the peaks and glaciers of Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle, trek the untouched Great Dune Sea of the Sahara Desert and follow in Churchill’s footsteps paddling down the Nile in Uganda.

Tying in with Black Tomato’s renowned flexibility, each of the bespoke itineraries can be tailored to suit the fitness levels and particular goals of the client. Visit for more details or call on +44207 426 9888.