It’s rumoured that incense has been burned since the new stone age, in c.10,ooo BC. Today, incense in essence has changed very little – but leading the evolution is Ballard, WA based US brand; Blackbird. Their super-stylish range of 9 truly unique incense fragrances are now firmly atop our essentials list.

Placed in your living room, bedroom or even office – these delightfully scented incense cones will ensure between 2-4 hours of olfactory winning. Available in Blood Countess,┬áIzba, Nahk, Muru, Sepulchre, Roheline, Ozo, Sofia and Hibernus scents – all of which are created in house at Blackbird, with unique accompanying story-lines.

“Ozo is a strong, warm woody fragrance: rose petals crushed with sandalwood contrasted by a hint of anise seed. Perfect to fill a new space with the feeling of home, and may also be used to replace negative energy with an air of hope.”

The incense cones are contained within a very cool gold tin, the lid of which doubles as a base to burn each cone. Each tin contains 20 cones which when lit must be blown our shortly after, and left to smoulder (15 minutes) and release their potently concentrated fragrance.