To add to the incredibly popular Bleu de Chanel fragrance from the legendary Parisian fashion house Chanel, the French brand have added a Shaving Cream and Hydrating After Shave Gel.

The fragrance; an intense (particularly in the Eau de Parfum) woody-aromatic is carried forth across these two new Bleu de Chanel products, to prolong and or add to the ‘Bleu experience’.

Bleu de Chanel Shaving Cream

With a fine and translucent texture it offers good visibility for precision whilst shaving- ideal for those looking for a control of shape and cut. It leaves the skin soft, supple and fresh with excellent glide.

For those who wear facial hair; a goatee or moustache, the translucent texture is a winner; letting you see exactly where you place the blade to fully master any style or maintaining shape at the base of neck or top of cheeks. 100ml

Bleu de Chanel Hydrating After Shave Gel

Designed with a “watery” texture to cool, as it melts onto the skin to procure an immediate sensation of freshness and comfort. It soothes irritation caused by shaving and helps moisturise the skin. Razor burn is relieved before it even begins and the skin is protected from sensations of tightness. 90ml.