A great haircut is the key to any man’s carefully crafted style- but finding the right barber isn’t just about striped poles and antiseptic combs.  The barbershop used to be more than just a place to get a haircut or a shave; it was the hub of a community, where men came together to bond, socialise and exchange ideas.

With the goal of bringing this togetherness back in to style, Blind Barber, a barber shop and parlour with locations in Manhattan, Los Angeles and Brooklyn, have created a concept that goes well beyond just cuts and shaves.

Jeff Laub

Blind Barber was founded by Adam Kirsch and Jeff Laub, a beauty-school dropout and would-be lawyer with ambition to create something different, a place when he and his friends could hang out and more.

Blind Barber offers all of the classic accoutrements; including a striped barber shop pole, a mirrored wall and the smell of fresh towels alongside combs soaking in Barbicide disinfectant. Beyond this, after getting a cut and/ or shave, you might be in need of Blind Barber’s signature Hangover Remedy Shave, where clients are welcome to kick start a brand new hangover with a complimentary cocktail in the shop’s 1920’s-style speakeasy.

By cultivating an influential voice, and multiple destinations, Blind Barber has expanded into all realms of the modern man: cocktails, fashion, lifestyle and grooming.

If you’re not close to a Blind Barber location, fear not for Blind Barber have released a complete men’s grooming range, so you can take the award-winning Blind Barber experience home.

Products include; a face wash, shave cream and after shave balm along with some superb hair products- we particularly like the 90 Proof Hair Pomade (clay type products) and a fine scented candle. The brand is strong, the products work- we are most impressed.

Shaving and Hairstyling, from £15 by BLIND BARBER