A recent study[1. A study on Sunlight and Vitamin D carried out by Dr Oliver Gillie, a scientist and writer.] revealed that Scotland’s poor health record could be directly linked to its extreme weather and lack of sunshine, resulting in Vitamin D deficiency. Medics have already established a lack of the vitamin as a factor in diseases such as cancer and heart disease, of which Scotland has some of the highest levels in Europe.

As the Scottish Government encourages people to get more Vitamin D for their skin, Glasgow’s Blythswood Square, which offers the city’s only luxury spa, has installed Scotland’s first ‘Real Sunlight Room’ to offer all the benefits of a holiday sunshine experience to its guests and spa visitors during the winter months.

The new therapy room complete with sun loungers and a backdrop reminiscent of the stylish Cote d’Azur, provides sunlight simulators which replicate sunlight with all the sun’s proven health benefits.  Moreover, it is perfectly safe as it generates the entire spectrum of sunlight with filtered UVA and UVB to a level which is well below the 100% safe norm set by the Radiation Institute.  During each session visitors can enjoy up to 60 minutes of safe, nourishing sun-bathing.  They can even choose from any of the following sun cycles with temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees: Miami – 60 minutes of full daylight; Mauritius – 45 minutes of full daylight followed by 15 minutes of glowing sunset; and Bali – 60 minutes of glowing sunset.

Real Sunlight offers a range of wellness benefits in addition to Vitamin D.  These include improved sleep, an increase in energy, elimination of SAD, a stronger immune system, increased blood circulation and soothing of aches and pains.  Many sufferers from conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis can testify how much better they feel after spending time in a sunroom. The Real Sunlight Therapy will be available between 13th February and 14th March 2011 at Blythswood Square and costs from £5 for 30 minutes and £10 for an hour.