Gentleman, are you familiar with BOSS BOTTLED? Mostly likely so, for it is one of the most popular fragrances in the global male fragrance market. BOSS have shifted 60 million bottles sold since its launch in 1998, and it still remains a top 10 global best-seller. Popular you might say? Indeed. Well, having establishing BOSS BOTTLED as bona fide winner for day time wear, the noses at BOSS are vying for your attention in the night time stakes. BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT. available now is a, “seductive and supremely masculine scent which has been designed to prepare the BOSS Man for his after-hours pursuits.”

The face of the fragrance, and star of the TV and print advertising campaign, is actor Ryan Reynolds, a good choice to represent the brand’s sophisticated, contemporary image in our opinion.

“The scent itself is a combination of energetic, green, aromatic notes, driven by Birch Leaf and Cardamom, in the top and heart of the fragrance, blended with rich woods and powerful musky notes in the base. BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT. also introduces a scent replica of a rich and exotic new wood, louro amarelo.” The musky, woody scent works well promoting masculinity while the aforementioned green notes provide a nice energy about the scent – it definitely gets the thumbs up from all at Ape to Gentleman HQ.

BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT. The Bottle & Packaging – there’s nothing new here in terms of form, it’s the same bottle as BOSS BOTTLED but it’s the slight understated alterations that caught our apeish eye, NIGHT is represented by a deep midnight blue at the base of the bottle through to its black metal cap with silver trim – some how BOSS managed to capture an impression of night in the bottle design which adds to the effect.

Hot off the heals of success of BOSS BOTTLED, BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT. with it’s manly aroma and night time packaging will surely be a success. If you’re out for that all important dinner-date or such like, then BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT. will provide more than ample back up in the olfactory department.