BOSS Orange Man featuring a blend of crisp apple, warm frankincense, comforting vanilla and bubinga wood is a vibrant new scent from BOSS with, unsurprisingly, a zesty, fresh orange ‘flavour’.

The face of the BOSS Orange Man campaign is Orlando Bloom, who was chosen to represent what BOSS believes their scent stands for…

Spontaneous, passionate and energetic, yet casual and relaxed at the same time, he truly is a liberated soul and BOSS Orange Man is destined to become his ultimate feel-good fragrance.

BOSS Orange Man is a masculine scent with a woody note giving a pleasantly smooth dry-down. For Ape to Gentleman the stand out ingredient, mainly because we’d not heard of it before was bubinga wood (but granted it also smells good) which was inspired by the perfumer’s memory of his brother’s flute box made from this rare and distinctive, deep, tropical wood from West Africa. Combined with vanilla, frankincense and apple it really works and Mr Bloom agrees…

I love the fragrance. It has depth and evolves over time. I like it because it seems sophisticated yet relaxed. Orlando Bloom

The BOSS Orange Man bottle was designed by BOSS Orange Creative Director, Eyan Allen. The bottle is constructed with stacked glass crystals and a sleek silver casing all aiming to represent a man’s torso. The result is a pleasingly solid and weighty square structure.


EDT 30ml, £25 RRP*
EDT 50ml, £35 RRP*
EDT 100ml, £45 RRP*

*Retail price is a the sole discretion of the retailers

BOSS Orange Man will be available to purchase nationwide (UK) from 16th February 2011.