If I’m really honest, I haven’t been very ‘clinic loyal’ since I started using Botox, but I am definitely signed up to The Private Clinic for the future. Of course I always research the clinic to make sure they are credible, but, as with many guys, its more about finding time in between meetings and feeling comfortable setting foot in the building – the more masculine the décor, the easier it is to get our head around the procedure, right?

The Cheapside branch of The Private Clinic was my chosen destination, as I was in East London for a meeting and had half an hour to spare.

The clinic is modern and clean and I felt at ease as soon as I checked in for my appointment.

I was somewhat surprised (yet pretty pleased) to be sharing the waiting room with 3 other guys. It wasn’t until after chatting to my doctor, that this branch of the clinic has a 60% male client base, I can see why – meeting Dr Quinn for my consultation was like chatting to a ‘mate’ – I felt at ease immediately.


Dr Quinn understands that a man wants to look refreshed and not necessarily like he’s had the procedure. I certainly achieved these results, which, I’m guessing is why he is such a popular choice for male clients.

He’s an expert in anti-aging treatments. Prior to talking to Dr Quinn, I had no idea what a filler was, but we discussed how they can be used for guys in their 40’s or earlier, to achieve a ‘plumper’ look when cheeks have decided to ‘go south’. The treatments are explained in a no-nonsense way, which is perfect; no flannel and fluff, but the pros and the cons.

It’s been a week and I already am looking more ‘fresh’ and well rested. The only thing left to do is to make my next appointment.

For more information on treatments available at The Private Clinic of Harley Street or to book an appointment please visit www.theprivateclinic.co.uk