Picture c/o Chi3ell55 via Flickr

In light of a certain event this Friday, yes, you guessed it William and Kate’s wedding, shaving experts Gillette have sent us some handy research for us Apes, Gentleman and William to consider. The research shows that…

65% of UK women expect a clean shaven Groom on their big day.

Fortunately for UK women UK men are already on the right track with just 14% of them being happy to sport a beard or moustache on their wedding day. Whilst you may not have been dreaming of the ‘big day’ your entire life we can guarantee your wife to be has so make sure you make her happy with a cleanly shaven face.

The Gillette survey continued along the wedding theme, answering more questions us men no doubt need answers to…

  • Forget top hat and tails, the most popular Groom style was the more casual suit; perfect for a wedding abroad with over a third of UK women agreeing.
  • The horse drawn carriage is still fairly popular, with almost a quarter UK women choosing it.

Ape to Gentleman will be watching Prince William closely this Friday, will he be sporting a beard or will he make Kate happy and be clean shaven.

As always, we recommend the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide, not only because Gillette provided us with this research but because genuinely it gives the closest and most comfortable shave known to man (and Princes, probably).