Most designer ranges nowadays have a ‘diffusion’ line; an alter-ego that allows the brand to express another side to their personality. For Brooks Brothers that alter-ego is Black Fleece, and its author is the esteemed Thom Browne. Not necessarily deviating a great deal from the Brooks Brother’s core ideals, Black Fleece is like a twin brother you’ve never met; familiar and in essence the same but yet completely different.

Being a grooming blog by nature we lean towards the fragrance arm of the Black Fleece collection. Developed by perfumer Vincent Schaller and described as ‘tailored sophistication’, the fragrance is an earthy aromatic style, with bright sparkling citrus and fresh spices, embellished with hints of geranium bourbon and rosewood heart that warm the fragrance and blend seamlessly. Rich undertones of patchouli, incense and vetiver complete the scent with a tailored elegance. The bottle is inspired by 1950’s ceramic glass flacons in refined grey, with matching silver-trimmed glass caps.


Thom Browne on Black Fleece Eau de Toilette for Men:

“…a timeless original scent evocative of that man sitting in a library or parlor smoking and drinking whiskey”

The packaging is fabricated with rigorous environmental sensibility; the Black Fleece falcon and casing reflect a new aesthetic in fragrance design and packaging. From plant-derived materials to soy ink, made without petroleum that are recyclable and biodegradable, the Black Fleece Fragrance collection has been fabricated with deepest respect to Terra Firma.

Image: Honeyee