Men’s grooming brand Bulldog Natural Skincare continue to impress with the launch of their all new Original Eye Roll-On. A popular grooming tool with Apes and Gentleman alike, owing to it’s steely application and simplicity. The key to absolute success however is efficacy, does the product actually work?

There are 3 main areas of defence, the first defending against dark circles and puffiness. Ingredients utilised are Brazilian Ginseng Root Extract and Muira Puema Bark Extract, which possible mean little to you but they are excellent for encouraging microcirculation and reducing those hangover eyes.

Secondly, Bulldog lean on what they have learnt with their Anti-Ageing Moisturiser, which incidentally is a very good product, by opting for the inclusion of Millet Seed and Oak Apple Tannins, known for their ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Finally, hydration and protection. Avocado, Borage and Glycerin help hydrate and protect the skin from daily rigours such as pollution – a kind of super-natural oil combination.

The crux.

We are fans of this latest grooming tool, the Eye Roll-On and Bulldog as always lives up to the competition from bigger (and more expensive) brands. The Roll-On is easy to apply and feels instantly soothing (even more so if kept in the fridge). An instant fix for those difficult mornings when you wake looking like the honey monster. At £9.99 for 15ml it’s much more affordable than most, will last a long time and importantly, it works.

Available soon from | In the meantime consider the excellent Polaar Icy Magic eye roll-on.