Bumble and bumble was founded in 1977 as a New York hair salon, and soon became famed for inventive thinking and creative cuts. Today Bumble and bumble boasts a range of hair care products, from shampoos and conditioners to styling and treatment products. Their latest innovation is semisumo, a high shine wax with a soft hold.

The story behind semisumo dates back over a decade, when in 2000 the curiosity of Parisian stylist Laurent Philippon brought together the somewhat polar opposites of hairstyling and sumo wrestling. Phillippon is the visionary behind products like hair powder, styling lotion and Bb. products. He first worked with Bumble and bumble in the creation of their strong-hold sculpting wax (sumowax) and also a matte moulding compound (sumotech).  The latest product semisumo looks to bring a softer side to the product range. The aim being to create a wax that delivers a high shine, but is soft on hold. Making semisumo the lightest member of the Sumo family and the first ever pomade from Bb.

Part wax, part oil, semisumo is named for its dual nature. Microcrystalline Wax and Beeswax deliver definition and detail without weighing hair down. Coconut Oil provides a high shine finish for all types and textures of hair, including colour treated and/or chemically processed strands.

Semisumo is a versatile finishing product to be used on dry hair, with an adaptability allowing for a myriad of uses and pairings. This allows the product to be used as a sole styling agent, or combined with other products. Use to break up hair, or when creating a layered look alongside hair powder to help to adhere.