Most guys are inherently lazy when it comes to grooming, and only do as much as they can afford to get away with. In understanding this fact, it’s vital that the male grooming brands do their up most to make men’s skin care as simple as possible for men. Canadian brand Bread & Butter skincare, understand this fact, so much so they have made it the foundation of their brand. In a novel approach, Bread & Butter allows men to make one purchase, and have their basic grooming requirements covered for the entire year. Genius, but how does it work?

Well basically, you have the choice of two kits, one for winter, and one for summer. These two kits each contain products designed to last 6 months and hence the year is covered. You have the choice of buying season by season, or the entire year in one go. To ensure that you have the right products for each season, the Winter Kit includes 2 x face cleansers, 2 x face moisturisers, 1 x body moisturiser and 1 x lip balm and the Summer Kit includes 2 x face cleaners, 2 x face moisturisers with SPF 15 and 1 x shave gel.  Furthermore, everything is carry-on approved, so you can take your precious products with you on holiday.

What do we think? While this concept is great for men looking to make start into male grooming, those with more advanced male grooming regimes will have to look elsewhere to cater for their more specific skincare requirements. But all in all, a fantastic concept for those many men out there still yet to take their first step into the world that is male grooming.