What causes chapped lips?

Lips get chapped because they’re too dry, usually because of exposure to the elements: dry air, wind, sun, cold temperatures, even dust. A lack of sebaceous glands on the lips means naturally hydrating oils are not present. The ‘cure’ is a good quality lip balm.

Carmex was invented in 1937 by Alfred Woelbing, literally on the family stovetop. For the next 20 years, Alfred and his wife made Carmex by hand and poured it into the now familiar yellow-capped jars. Today, Carmex lip balm is made in Franklin, WI (a suburb of Milwaukee).

Carmex Original Jar- active ingredient Camphor alleviates pain, Menthol kills germs and relieves discomfort and Phenol gently numbs your sore lips and removes old, dead skin.

Carmex Moisture Plus is a premium lip balm that offers intense moisturising benefits from vitamin E, aloe, shea butter and avocado butter. It protects lips from the sun with SPF 15 sunscreen. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is a measure of how long you can stay in the sun, compared to wearing no sunscreen. An SPF of 15, for example, allows you to stay put in the sun 15 times longer without burning.

Why should you choose Carmex?

Because Carmex works. Carmex offers moisturising benefits and helps relieve symptoms of cold sores and chapped lips. Also, for eleven years in a row Carmex has been recognised by Pharmacy Times magazine as the as the #1 recommended lip balm in a national survey of pharmacists.