When selecting your underwear, you choose with the knowledge that wearing it will make you feel great. No-one really needs to know what you’re wearing, but if it’s good, it will make you feel even better. As your first layer next to your skin, being made of premium fabrics ensure your comfort and confidence. CDLP create luxury underwear made from mercerised cotton for optimum softness. The shape and fit is inspired by traditional tailoring and features specialist seams to ensure ease of movement.

CDLP Cotton Jersey Boxers £40

CDLP from Stockholm combines a focus on craftsmanship with use of luxury fabrics – produceing in a family-run factory. Keeping it simple, they offer two product lines of boxer trunks and boxer shorts. The Swedish label produces eco-friendly underwear made from Lyocell – a natural fibre made from wood pulp from sustainable tree farms and created through nanotechnology in a closed-loop process, making it organic, sustainable and 100% biodegradable.

Founded by Christian Larson and Andreas Palm, CDLP aim at going against the norm of men’s underwear mass production, and take a more sartorial approach to creating high quality underwear with an innovative approach to packaging and retail experience. The garments are designed in Stockholm and then hand crafted by textile artisans in Portugal.


The range includes stretch-jersey boxer trunks cotton jersey boxer shorts in black, white and forest green – all including a satin finish waist band for that extra comfort. Fitting true to size, you can purchase individually or get a selection box.


Underwear by CDLP, available at MATCHESFASHION.com