head&shoulders’ Grooming Stylist Michael Douglas has created a video guide on how to achieve expert styles and healthy looking hair this winter. I’ve met Michael Douglas, not only is he a top bloke, he also knows what he’s talking about when it comes to hair styling. Enjoy. Learn.

Never underestimate the importance of a good clean base before styling. head&shoulders classic clean shampoo deals with irritating little problems like a tight, itchy scalp and any dry flakiness, as well as dandruff. Once you hair is clean and dry, you can get to work creating some great, rocking hairstyles! Michael Douglas

1. The Marriot

Take a small amount (about the size of a 10 pence coin) of Shockwaves Recreate Shaper Gel to achieve this style. The gel gives a wet look and stronger level of hold. Work the gel through the sides of your hair and sweep the fringe across the front of the face with no definite parting. Add a little bit of height on the top by ruffling the hair and lifting from the sides.

2. Sharp Texture

This style gives a nice sharpness through the back and sides whilst creating texture on top. Use a pea-sized amount of Shockwaves Recreate Styling Wax, and warm it by rubbing it in your hands before you start working it through the hair. Push the hair back from the forehead and work with the fingers to create height and texture before smoothing down the hair at the back. As it’s a hard wax it will hold the hair for much longer and give loads of texture, so it’s perfect for a Christmas party or night out.

3. The Quill

This style is a bit more extreme – like a quiff with a slightly feathery texture. Use a small amount of the Shockwaves Recreate Styling Putty and work it into your hands before applying to the hair. This product gives a modern, edgy, matt finish to the hair and it doesn’t dry out so you can recreate the hairstyle later on if you want. Work the product into the hair on top of your head, rubbing it between your fingers for added texture. Gently twist some of the ends for a slightly feathered look.